Does your business feel like it's growing out of control?

You're feeling overwhelmed. It's hard to focus, much less plan, make progress, get ahead. In spite of all that, you're determined to succeed. That means you have to do as much, or more for customers than you did in the past (your competitors are there, too, and in a race with you to be better and faster). Your business will be better (and more profitable)...and customers and employees happier...if you find simpler, better ways to work as a company and team. And what if you don't? It's pretty simple. You may drive away customers, profits and great employees, as well. Worried that you don't have the time, energy or experience to make these changes, or make them alone? The good news is that you don't have to. We can work together to get the job done.

As my client, I'll work with you to make your business better. We'll increase ease, effectiveness, profitability, and satisfaction. Read about who I work with, how I work, and coaching packages I offer.

Case Studies

Case Studies

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Simplifying processes to increase operations ease, grow capacity and profits

A biotech firm was growing rapidly, and becoming very complex, as a consequence. To continue to produce top quality products for customers and steady profits for shareholders, the company realized it must simplify work, information and decision flows. Read more to learn how improvements increased the company's ability to handle its growing product volume with confidence, ensuring top results.

Stretching cash with great process management

An Internet start-up suddenly realized it needed to stretch its cash when the market became risky, and new funding was likely to be scarce. The company knew it needed more effective, user-friendly business processes and controls. Success was dependent on the active support of scientists and engineers, yet many resisted their process management role. Read more to learn how the team was engaged, met the challenge, and results flowed.

Leading Teams Successfully Through Uncertain Times

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Discover strategies for creating a powerful vision, strengthening team commitment, focusing action and growing results, in spite of the challenges of major change. Learn more about working through significant change, and producing great results.